Free To Shine Interior Cover Ver 8

“Free to Shine” by Pastor Robert Colwell

Many believe that the grace gift of praying in tongues is either nonsense, of the devil, ceased with the early Church, or, at best, is a privilege reserved for chosen individuals. Free to Shine reveals the purpose and power of praying in tongues, and the hindrances, so that all who desire to open this gift will be free to do so.



“Free to Shine” by Pastor Robert Colwell

Robert E. Colwell is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Crenshaw in Los Angeles and a lifelong advocate for displaced children. He has been the keynote speaker and trainer at state and national foster care conferences in 27 states and has hosted marriage conferences and workshops for over 28 years. His journey through foster care is woven into powerful insights in his book Love Leaves No Regrets. Robert earned a Master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2004. He and his wife Angela live in Inglewood California and have four adult children.


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