“My Golden Nuggets” by Chaplain Ronnie C. King

For years, Navy Chaplain Ronnie C. King has served the men and women of America's Armed Forces in distress and difficult circumstances. The meditations he shared with them have helped many through the most challenging times, even in life-and-death situations.

Today many of Captain King's passionate devotions are available to you in his book. We invite you to read, "My Golden Nuggets: Life-Changing Thoughts and Meditations for the Day” and pray that it helps you find richness through trying times and joy at all times.

ISBN 978-0-983486-2-3


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“There are literally hundreds of good devotional books published around the world, but ‘My Golden Nuggets’ stands apart as incredibly uplifting and comforting. Chaplain King has unquestionably put tremendous thought and spiritual time in how he serves the military personnel under his command and their families and friends. The devotional challenges us to think, or rethink, how we resolve our own demons and then gives us tools to better treat our fellow men and women. I encourage others to share them with people from all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, genders, and economic status because the book has something for everyone.”

Vanessa Bell Armstrong

Gospel recording artist and multi-Grammy Nominee


“As I read ‘My Golden Nuggets: Life-Changing Devotions and Meditations,’ I am reminded of the purpose our lives serve. Chaplain Ronnie C. King has done an exquisite job in sharing his gift of expressions in these beautiful, inspiring, and empowering devotions.”

The Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson

U.S. Congresswoman, D-Texas


“I had the privilege of reading Chaplain King’s ‘Thoughts for the Day,’ over the last several years. The meditations are valiant and straight forward, and are as relevant today as they were then. Chaplain King writes from a world perspective of experiences. This is a book everyone should have as a personal symbol to strengthen their faith. It will provide you with the understanding that you cannot only endure life’s challenges, but prevail under any circumstances.”

Curtis King

Founder and President

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Dallas

Theatre Director and Producer


“These devotional readings are inspirational and so encouraging that they will uplift the hearts and minds of all who read them. The meditations will be enormously helpful in navigating a path to resolve, perhaps, many, of our daily conflicts. Rest assured, I will be using them as ‘My Golden Nuggets.’”

Jessie J. Edwards, Ph.D.

Educator and Mayor of Coldwater, Mississippi


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Captain King is well respected by the men and women he has served, praised for his extraordinary work ethics by his Commanders, trusted as a leader by those who have served under his command and recognized for his exceptional skills by fellow Officers and Chaplains.

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