Free To Shine Interior Cover Ver 8

“Free to Shine” by Pastor Robert Colwell

Robert E. Colwell is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Crenshaw in Los Angeles and a lifelong advocate for displaced children. He has been the keynote speaker and trainer at state and national foster care conferences in 27 states and has hosted marriage conferences and workshops for over 28 years. His journey through foster care is woven into powerful insights in his book Love Leaves No Regrets. Robert earned a Master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2004. He and his wife Angela live in Inglewood California and have four adult children.

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Road to Glory Cover
Soul Pain Cover
Conquiring Fear Cover Design 6

“On the Road to Glory” by Pastor Barry Jenkins

Is about getting on the, “Right Road.”  This book is rich with life-experiences and lessons that will help you to sharpen your decision making skills, and get on track to unlocking the potential God created in you.  $14.95  Buy Now

“My Golden Nuggets” by Chaplain Ronnie C. King

For years, Navy Chaplain Ronnie C. King has served the men and women of America's Armed Forces in distress and difficult circumstances. The meditations he shared with them have helped many through the most challenging times, even in life-and-death situations.

Today many of Captain King's passionate devotions are available to you in his book. We invite you to read, "My Golden Nuggets: Life-Changing Thoughts and Meditations for the Day” and pray that it helps you find richness through trying times and joy at all times.    $18.95  ON SALE $12.95  Buy Now

“Soul Pain” by Dr. Roger Frye

Examines the “root” causes and hurts that hinder us. This book helps you identify and unlock hidden strongholds; including generational issues you may not be aware of. $16.95  Buy Now

“Conquering Fear” by Dr. Roger Frye

Teaches you how to break free from the stronghold of fear.  Most people who are ensnared by fear don’t even realize it.  This book will expose some of the hidden fears in your life and show you how to overcome them. $16.95  Buy Now

Pathway Cover Single

Pathway to Freedom  ” by Dr. Roger Frye

In Pathway to Freedom author Roger Frye seeks to uncover the truth about some of life's most painful questions. People often ask themselves, "Why do bad things keep happening to me? Why does my past keep hurting me? Why do I do things I swore I would never do? Why do I struggle with the same issues? Why do certain things make me so angry?" On our pathway to living out our God-given destiny, Satan and his minions set seven traps to impede or halt our progress. In his book, Dr. Frye discusses those traps and equips individuals to walk their path of freedom in order to achieve complete victory and fulfill their destiny in this life.

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TBAAL Virtual Tour DVD

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TBAAL VTour Executive Pack

TBAAL Virtual Tour Executive DVD Mailer

This is the Executive Pack, and comes with the TBAAL DVD inside of a promotional card-type mailer.     $7.95 Order Now

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